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how to automate daily, encrypted iphone backups in itunes

for sure, we all love icloud. and we all know someone, whom the icloud backup saved a lot of anger. after loosing thousands of pictures a couple of years ago, i really improved in the process of managing multiple backups. wouldn't it be nice to have two independent iphone backups at the same time? having a mac, it's very easy to rely on both, the icloud backup and an additional encrypted itunes backup. prepare iphone to begin, connect the iphone to your mac and open it's summary view in itunes by clicking the small iphone icon. next, you should tick

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how to download videos, the easy way

i love browsing youtube and watching all different types of videos there. sometimes i stumble upon a video i want to watch later or have it stored locally on my mac. that's why i created a handy setup to automate the download and re-encode process. in this article i tell you how you can do the same. first things first before we can create our workflow, applescript keyboard shortcut, there a few tools we should install first: homebrew, a nice packet manager) youtube-dl to download videos ffmpeg to transcode files recommended: nodejs, osx-notifier* *used for nice notifications in user interface

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be your own s/mime key master

for sending and receiving s/mime signed and encrypted mails, a public certificate authority is not necessary. here is how you manage to be your own s/mime key and certificate master. this guide covers the setup process for both mac and iphone. content: generate s/mime certificate using keychain access send signed/encrypted mail from your mac send signed/encrypted mail from your iphone on recipient's side (iphone) on recipient's side (mac) generate s/mime certificate using keychain access after opening Keychain navigate to Keychain Access » Certificate Assistant » Create a Certificate … to start. choose a reasonable name--in

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checksum of downloaded files in notification center

when it comes to downloading files from the internet™, you probably want to make sure, that those files are not altered during the download phase. there are several important steps to remember, like always using encrypted connections and only using trusted sites (read this article to understand why download sites are bad). to verify the integrity of a download, you need checksums. here's how to automatically generate checksums for each file you obtain from the internet. install software open up from your utilities folder and install homebrew using this command: $ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.

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ich bin kein problem, bin keine qual, ich bin nicht krank, benötige keine medizin, ich bin nicht verwirrt, bin keine sünde. ich bin dein bruder, bin dein freund, ich bin dein kollege, bin dein nachbar, ich bin ein bekannter, und ein völlig fremder. ich benötige liebe – so wie du, benötige ein lächeln, ich benötige eine umarmung, einen freund und eine familie, ich benötige akzeptanz und verständnis, ich benötige dich. ich werde nicht aufgeben, werde mich nicht verkriechen, ich werde mich nicht verstellen. werde mich nicht leugnen, ich werde mich nicht verstecken, und werde dich nicht verletzen. main picture by ghost

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my setup for let's encrypt on uberspace (update)

if you followed my blog post on let's encrypt on uberspace to set up your account for let's encrypt certificates, please take time to update your scripts. as you can read in their wiki, uberspace recently updated their own scripts. edit config file open ~/.config/letsencrypt/cli.ini in nano and remove the hashtag in the last line to uncomment and add renew-by-default = True. []$ nano ~/.config/letsencrypt/cli.ini it should look like this: # To prevent being forced to agree manually to the terms #agree-dev-preview = True agree-tos = True renew-by-default = True update renew-script run nano ~/bin/ replace everything with

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